Why Go Through The Trouble Of Training Your Own Babysitter?

Here’s a good idea. If you can’t seem to find the perfect babysitter, create one. According to this video, you can do this easily.

“St. Joseph’s Hospital has a babysitter training course, where it trains them how to become a babysitter. They also have CPR and First Aid certifications. So if there’s a kid that like, a friend of yours that’s around 14 years old, 15 or 16 … go through the training and you have your perfect babysitter.”

That really sounds like a good idea. You can just pick out the best kid in the neighborhood. And then let her go through the training. Sounds pretty easy, huh?

Training The Babysitter

It does sound like a good idea. Training someone to care for you child sounds ideal. You can enlist someone you trust in a CPR and First Aid course. The good thing is, you don’t have to look far. There are online safety courses.

“The Red Cross even has an online course for kids eleven and older.”

This is a great option for you and your prospect. You can mold her the way you want her to be. But safety training is not enough. It is a priority, but it’s not enough. Here’s an advice from a professional nanny.

“We can’t assume that just because somebody’s babysat before, that they’re gonna [sic] know how to handle your child because each child is an individual.”

That’s a good point. Babysitting is just not about certifications. You need someone that suits your needs. So setting expectations is also an important part of your babysitting training. You can’t just rely on the safety certifications. Babysitting training goes way beyond that. Another professional babysitter from Care.com has this to say.

“It you’re looking for someone who’s going to watch your children all day, you’re going to want to say, ‘Okay, so pretend it’s raining outside and you can’t go out. What are you doing all day long to keep them entertained?”

You have to help her come up with ways to entertain your kids. After all, you’ re training you’re her, right? So while you’re at it, you need to keep a close watch on her progress.

“Be prepared to tweak their performance until it’s exactly what you want.”

That really is good advice if you want to train your own babysitter.

Why Go Through All The Trouble?

But do you really want to go through all the trouble? Sure, it’s a good idea to train your own babysitter. But do you have the time and energy do it? It’s no joke training a babysitter, let alone finding one.

You have another option. You can go online to find professional babysitters. For example, Care.com has a reliable network of professional babysitters. You don’t have to train them.

There’s another online babysitting resource you can consider. And that’s Sittercity. You can also find childcare experts from this particular online childcare provider.

But first things first, whether it’s Care.com or Sittercity, you need to do this. You have to check out the babysitters first. This means you have to run through their background check. Also, it’s a must that you check out their references and reviews. Both Care.com and Sittercity offer all these features.

So if you look closely, choosing an online babysitting network is a lot easier than training a babysitter.

Crucial Elements We Tend To Overlook When Hiring A Babysitter

hiring-a-babysitterIt’s a familiar scene. We’re in panic because the babysitter hasn’t arrived. Then out of desperation, we turn to just anybody to babysit. And there’s an irony to that. We feel like we owe it to the person. When in fact, we don’t. After all, we’re paying them, right? I know it sounds rather harsh. But the fact is that there’s some truth in it.

When it comes to babysitting, we tend to overlook some details. Unfortunately, some of these details are crucial in our babysitting search. As cautious parents, we just can’t afford to overlook them. There are crucial details we should never overlook when it comes to finding the right sitter.

The Babysitter Is Our Employee

At first I thought it was a radical thought. But yes, in every sense of the word, the article’s right. I’m paying for a service. I’m within my rights to expect good service. I’m guilty of being too nice. I can’t help it. I appreciate the fact that somebody’s willing to watch my kids. It’s just so hard to find someone who’ll do the job. So when someone’s willing, I’m all out. Unfortunately, I’ve been doing it wrong.

The articles is right. I’m hiring someone. I’m not seeking a friend. That means I should go through the whole twelve yards. I shouldn’t welcome the first person that knocks on my door. There should be selection process in place. I’ve been settling for the first person that comes along. That isn’t exactly a selection process.

We Have The Right To Ask All Kinds Of Questions

It’s not easy to have a selection process in place. Most of the time, I’m faced with scarcity of babysitter applicants. So yes, I tend to overlook this crucial element as well.

I see the importance of asking questions. I just never thought much about it. I really wouldn’t want to look like I’m getting too personal. But then, I do have that right. So I’m glad that I’m reminded of this.

We Have The Right To Severe Ties

That’s so true. We have the right to severe ties when we’re not happy. Unfortunately, this is another element I tend to overlook. Why? Because I’m scared that no one will watch my kids. So in spite of the red flags, I settle for what’s there. This should never be the case. If there are red flags, I should immediately take action. If that action requires me severe ties, then be it.

My Best Option

Every parent will agree with me on this. It’s a struggle to find a babysitter. That’s why most of the time; I rely on just anybody. But that really is an unsafe practice. Even if someone is willing, we shouldn’t just take her up on it. We have to make sure she’s up for the job. And that really takes a lot of effort. I won’t immediately know if she really is up for the job. I have to go through the whole selection and hiring process. Again, that takes a lot of time. So my best option is try the sitter services online.

The sitter services online have everything in place. They have a selection process that can help me screen applicants. I don’t have to think about what questions to ask. I can go through the whole twelve yards effortlessly. The sitter services online can help me in the selection process.

I also would never have to settle for the first applicant that comes along. The sitter services online can easily connect me to professional babysitters. So my best option is to go for a sitter service online. It’s the only way for me to stop overlooking the crucial elements in hiring a babysitter.

Couple Finds An Amazing Sitter Online

It actually is possible. You can easily find an amazing babysitter. Interestingly, you can find one online.

Meet The Harwoods

Just like any couple, John and Olga Harwood want their “alone” time. Since they’re new in town, it’s hard to find a babysitter.

“… since they just moved here from out of state they didn’t know any babysitters. So they jumped online and stumbled onto this website, Sittercity.com.”

Olga happily recounts her experience with the website.

“In two days, I had a babysitter … I was overwhelmed because in my mailbox I had twenty plus responses. So it was hard to choose.”

You’re probably thinking, twenty plus responses? That’s a lot! Is that even possible? Have you ever had more than two options to choose from? Probably not. Finding a babysitter in a traditional manner won’t give you a lot of options.

Searching Online

You probably don’t have many options when it comes to babysitters. Most likely, you hire the same person over and over again. Well, you’re not to blame for that. After all, your neighborhood doesn’t give you a lot of options. You’d be lucky to find one or two. But never a handful. So it wouldn’t hurt to try to search online.

Here’s how it goes.

“Here’s how the site works. Parents pay thirty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents to join. Then five dollars a month to use the service. You post a babysitting job you have available and then the sitters come to you. Sometimes in droves.”

Sounds very easy to do. If you can’t find one within your neighborhood, then it’s best to look online. Don’t worry; it’s not as hard as it sounds. Some of you may think it’s kind of techy to go online.

Here’s what Olga has to say about searching online.

“It’s just good to know that is so easy to find a good sitter. It’s not a heartbreaking process and it doesn’t cost you so much money.”

Olga is very happy with her experience with Sittercity.com

Rebecca From Sittercity

The Harwoods were able to find Rebecca. After narrowing their search, they found one that suited their needs. And who is Rebecca? She’s a student at University of Portland. She’s majoring in Fine Art and Communications. She’s also a freelance photographer.

“She still has time to play make over with ten-year Anastaisia who gives her new sitter rave reviews.”

Here’s what the happy ten-year old has to say.

“She’s very nice. She gives me someone to play with when my parents are gone because you get kinda bored after awhile.”

A Thing Or Two About Sittercity

Sittercity.com is one the safest place for you to find reliable babysitters. You’ll find a lot of Rebeccas on Sittercity. Sittercity.com is a credible network of fine young students. They all have the passion for kids.

But Sittercity.com is more than just a network. You can also gain access to the reviews of the babysitters. You’ll find the reviews very helpful in your search for a babysitter. But what you’ll find valuable is this particular service of Sittercity.com. And that’s the background check service it offers to parents.

So it’s really possible to find trustworthy babysitters online. It makes sense how the Harwood couple is able to find Rebecca.