Raising Our Kids In This Time And Age

raising-our-kidsIt’s every parent’s dream. We want our kid to be the brilliant one. In this competitive world, we want our kid to stand out. We’re moving heaven and earth to make that happen.

Nowadays, more and more parents think their kid is special. There isn’t a parent out there that thinks otherwise. Probably it’s because it’s true. Kids nowadays are really smarter than us. They can navigate the computer faster than us. They don’t feel intimidated with technology.

But how can we get our kid to stand out? We’re all inspired with the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. After all, they’ve defined history. So now I’m thinking. How can I help my kid? How can I support him to be the brilliant one? Is brilliance enough?

In My Opinion

This is a good resource. I think every parent should read this article. According to it, an exceptionally smart kid is gifted. The kid’s not labeled as genius. Instead, the kid’s labeled as gifted.

A lot of schools have a special program for gifted kids. They put all the gifted kids in one section. But what if my kid isn’t in that section? Does my kid stand a chance in this high tech world? I would like to think so. All this labeling shouldn’t stop us from encouraging our kid to be the best. It just doesn’t stop there.

Such Is Why I Think Brilliance Isn’t Enough

I don’t mind if my kid’s not in the gifted section. I would like it though. Just like any parent, I’d be really proud. But I’m okay if my kid’s in the regular section.

As a parent, I’d focus more on what my kid wants. I would rather hone a skill or a talent that’s innate. More than that, I would want that my kid loves to do it.

Nowadays, parents are stressing their kids to become the best in everything. The kids are forgetting to be kids. They’re too busy proving themselves. I don’t quite agree with that. I would rather that my kid’s well rounded.

Don’t get me wrong. I really appreciate brilliance. Geez, I’d even be proud if my kid shows exceptional intelligence at an early age. Surely, I’ll end up bragging about it.

But if I can’t have that, it’s fine with me. What I really want is for my kid to develop patience and perseverance. No kid can ever go wrong with those traits.

Lessen The Stress

It’s really more stressful to be a parent these days. We all want to give the best support for our kids. I don’t remember seeing my parents stressed when I was growing up.

But it’s different now. We’re aware that this new generation is better than ours. That’s why we want our kids to stand out. We’ll do anything to support them. Deep inside us, we’re hoping to raise the next Steve Jobs. And that can really put a lot of stress on us.

I would like to be different. As a parent, I don’t want to go through all the stress. Besides, I wouldn’t want my kid to see me stressed. I really wouldn’t want to raise him with all the negative vibrations.

There’s no doubt. Raising a kid in this time and age is challenging. We all have our own dreams for our kids. Because of that, we forget what they want.

So here’s my two cents worth. As a parent, I’ll make sure my kid’s given all the support. That includes the support that he needs to survive in this techy world. But more than that, I’ll make sure my kid grows up in an environment of love and respect. No matter what kind of world he decides to live in, he can’t go wrong with love and respect.

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